Jordan and I just wanted to say hello and give you an update on our Ellie Mae, along with some pictures!  She has been the best addition to our family!  Jordan and I are already talking about getting a Chocolate Lab next , possibly when Ellie Mae is almost 2 years old!!  We hope all is going well for you and your big family there at Bar R Kennels. We have been telling plenty of people about you and showing them your website, which I see has been nicely upgraded. Looks great!!!
- Rod EJ

I bought Bailey from you a year and a half ago! She is the best girl I have ever had and has touched mine and many others lives!  I thought you might like to see her grown up!  Have a great day!
- Adam Aguilar

Sweet Ebby loves her new home. She is making herself right at home on our leather couch!!!! She is so happy!!!
- Cyndi Smink

I am helping my brother-in-law look for a female Chocolate Lab puppy!  Wondering if you have any litters you’re expecting in the coming months. My husband Kyle and I bought our lab Boss, from you in 2011.  We absolutely adore him!  He is by far one of the most beautiful and biggest Labs I’ve ever seen!  Hope all is well!!!
- Morgan Mangan

We love our Silver Brri so much that we came back 2 months later for another pup!  We got Aspen. He is very handsome and tall!  They have blessed our lives with so much joy!!  Thank you Pam for both of our babies!
- Kelli Roe

Sadie will be 6 years old this October 2014!  She is so pretty and we wouldn’t know what to do without her!  When we are ready for another four legged baby, we will be headed your way. We just love our Sadie girl!!  They are a great reason to make you smile every day!
- Denise Schaefer