ROXY - Active

Roxy is a hugger!! You can not get away from her without her jumping up, putting her arms around you and squeezing your waist! She is not only beautiful but has the largest heart towards people!!


BLANCA - Active

Blanca is our largest female! She is an independent girl. Blanca likes taking her food into the yard  to enjoy a "picnic" in the sun!


TEXAS - Active

Texas is an outgoing girl! She is full of energy and very playful! If Texas had it her way she would be chasing the ball all day long!


HERSHEY - Active


Hershey is a sweet female that loves kisses! She enjoys motherhood and is very attentive to her puppies! This laid back girl gets along with everyone and has a heart of gold!! 


SOPHIE - Active

Sophie is a beautiful silver female! She is very social and demands attention! This girl loves to run and enjoys having fun playing with the other labs! 


STAR - Active

Star is a lovable female that captures the heart of everyone that meets her! She enjoys nice sunny days where you will find her basking in the sun! This sweetheart is an all American "girl next door!"


MARLEY - Active

Marley is a charming female that grabs your heart from the get go! This mellow girl is very caring and often will assist other females with their puppies! 


IVY - Retired

Ivy is a retired female. She is the definition of laid back! This pretty girl has a solid white coat that shines in the sunlight! 


SAVANNAH - Retired

Savannah is a retired female that has left Bar R Kennels to live the life of luxury with her new family! Savannah is about as sweet as they come and loves to give hugs!