GRAYSON - Active

Grayson is an extremely laid back guy. He loves his toys and “works and plays well” with others! He has a certain kindness in his demeanor towards people and other dogs.


LINCOLN - Active

Lincoln is our largest male weighing in at around 100 pounds! He is our most loving and friendliest boy always seeking attention! This boy may be the biggest but he also has the largest heart! 


COLE - Deceased

Cole was a very handsome boy! This sweet guy crossed the rainbow bridge after filling our hearts with love for many years!


RUSTY - Active

Rusty is a Fox Red male! He is a laid back boy that can be found relaxing in his air conditioned dog house! Rusty is always the first to greet you and loves to have his ears rubbed!


BULLET - Retired


Bullet is our oldest male that is enjoying his retirement here at Bar R Kennels!! This big guy loves belly rubs and chasing balls any time of the day!