Our home and kennels sit on a 1.5 acre property with a small pond. Over half of that is devoted to the dogs. We want to provide them with plenty of room to run around and swim. We provide our Labs nothing but the best quality food, shelter and plenty of attention.  We have 14 adult Labradors and typically have anywhere from two to three or four litters at a time. Careful consideration and planning is taken when breeding our Labs, in order to provide them with the best of care.

Our kennels are divided into two sections; the adults and the nursery. The adult section of our kennels provide a large area with partial cover.They are extra spoiled, in that each group of dogs have their own galvanized swimming pool , sandbox for digging ( of course...they are Labs),and fans for each grouping. In the winter, they have their own heat lighting system to keep them toasty warm. However, even most of the time on a really cold day you can still see them basking out in the sun !! 

Now for the nursery or puppy side ! Talk about super spoiled. Each mom has her own apartment in a building which has heat in the fall and winter and air conditioning in the spring and summer. They have nice outside areas each, where they can exercise ! The Pups can run and play for recess ,when they are older now, in their own Playground !!

About Our Kennels

We love our Silver Brri so much that we came back 2 months later for another pup!  We got Aspen. He is very handsome and tall!  They have blessed our lives with so much joy!!  Thank you Pam for both of our babies!

Kelli Roe

Loving Dog Owner


Bar R Kennels

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